“Train the Trainers” Event: Online from 16th to 20th of November

At the “Train the Trainers” Event the main objective is training youth workers in key skills provision through music. It will be an opportunity to train Youth Workers in the intellectual outputs developed so far and to enable them to foster and train key skills through music in their respective organisations and areas. This event will be also useful to promote the best practices of each partner, and learn about them.

So, the event will have a duration of 5 days, between 16th and 20th of November, and will have the participation of Play2Grow project partners:  Municipality of Paredes de Coura, Municipality of Tomiño, SFOM- Scuola di Formazione e Orientamento Musicale,  EOSA and Space Ensemble. 

During the week, a set of best practices identified by project partners will be explained by their main promoters (https://play2grow.eu/project-outputs/). Those best practices, produced by both project partners and external institutions, will be shared and discussed during the different days of the training. 

Given the circumstances of the covid-19, and the recommendations to turn physical events into online events, the “Train the Trainers” event will take place as a closed event, in a virtual/online format. The twelve best practices will be divided by days, according to the topics: Summer/Boot Camps, Music Methods, Bands Accelerators & Management, and Inclusion through Music. The last day will be for compiling the topics addressed and conclusions. So this is the final agenda:

  • Boot Camps- Monday, 16th
    • “CLUSTER” Summer Camp- A Full-Immersion Experience, in Aosta- With Sergio Pugnalin;
    • Summer Camp, in Tomiño- With Andrés Álvarez G.and Marina Ruedas;
    • Musical Camp, in Tomiño- With Pedro Villarroel, Marina Ruedas and Andrés Álvarez H.
  • Music Methods- Tuesday, 17th
    • Suzuki Method, by SFOM- With Fulvia Corazza;
    • SFOM POP&ROCK LAB, in Aosta- With Alessandro Maiorino;
    • SonDeSeu- With Rodrigo Romani.
  • Band Accelerators & Management- Wednesday, 18th
    • Sol Music Network- With Marta Sánchez Curros;
    • Paideia Fundation, in A Coruña -With Gonzalo Méndez;
    • Escola do Rock and Bands in Residency, in Paredes de Coura- With Nuno Alves.
  • Inclusion throught Music- Thursday, 19th
    • La Música del Reciclaje (recycling orchestra) by Ecoembes initiative – With Víctor Gil;
    • Artecalavera Project by Estudo Bonobo in Pontevedra- With Violeta Mosquera;
    • Exchange of Instruments and Goián’s Clarinet Ensemble, in Tomiño- With Adriana and Noelia Carrera.


The last day of the event (Friday 20th) will be an opportunity for project partners to debate on the practices addressed in the Training Week, incorporating the learnt lessons on project Intellectual Outputs.

With this “Train the Trainers” event, a knowledge exchange will be ensured, one of the goals of this project.

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