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Play2Grow keeps on the move despite COVID-19

Play2Grow project continues its progress in the development of innovative training resources based on music so that youth workers and trainers can improve the provision of key skills and values in their respective classrooms and music schools.

Play2Grow starts it path!

Last 18th and 19th of December 2019, the Kick-off Meeting of the ERASMUS + project “Play2Grow!” took place in the Portuguese Municipality of Paredes de Coura. It was a very productive meeting on which the 5 entities represented in the project had the occasion to get to know each other and share their insights of the project in order to start developing its main activities. Partners also had the opportunity to visit the Rock School short term residence that was taking place that week and had the occasion to know first-hand the main aspects of this interesting initiative with youngsters, which has indeed been the seed for the Play2Grow project. Project partners will start now collecting good practices within their respective countries and in other EU countries, which will be the base for the development of the first Output of the project, which will consists of a Methodology and Training Curricula for the provision and acquisition of key skills through music. Thus, all the good practices identified will be collected for their discussion during the next meeting of the project, which will be celebrated in the Italian city of Aosta in the month of May 2020.