YOUth Grow – September 6 to 10 at Paredes de Coura

YOUth Grow – September 6 to 10 at Paredes de Coura

Play2Grow is finally back to presencial meetings with YOUth Grow, an event for youngsters to learn about the development of fundamental skills and values through music.

YOUth Grow is an event for youngsters that will take place on September 6 to 10, at CEIA (Center for Environmental Education and Interpretation of the Protected Landscape of Corno de Bico), in one of Paredes de Coura villages. 

This event is organized under the Play2Grow project and aims to test the training modules that are being developed by the project partners (Municipality of Paredes de Coura, Municipality of Tomiño, SFOM – Scuola di Formazione e Orientamento Musicale, EOSA and Space Ensemble).

YOUth Grow will work with youngsters from different nationalities, selected by the project partners, to help them acquire fundamental skills related to music through a series of good practices to teach in this artistic area, developed in several countries. 

The idea is to do what the organization believes to be a perfect music bootcamp during one week. Surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes in the north of Portugal, 15 youngsters (five from each partner country) will work with Play2Grow’s youth workers and music teachers, from Paredes de Coura (Portugal), Tomiño (Spain), and Aosta (Italy), learning about musical projects and methods developed in these countries and other examples worldwide. 

They will be able to enjoy workshops and leisure activities, meet students from other places and exchange experiences between them about how music is lived and experienced in their countries.

Play2Grow continues its goal to investigate and disseminate the best practices in music teaching! 


Photo © Paulo Pinto / School of Rock Paredes de Coura