In Goian’s Music School, it’s ensured that everyone can study music, regardless of income.

So, to ensure there is no initial investment in the instrument, this school brings together several instruments, with the help of their alumni community and other centers, to lend to new students.

Target Audience

Music School Students.


Ensure that the study of music can be available to all economies. 

Skills to be improved

  • Solidarity;
  • Sharing;
  • Self-help;
  • Equality;
  • Inclusion.

Training Team

School community of Agrupación Musical de Goián, and other centers, such as Tui Music Conservatory.

Description and workplan

Agrupación Musical de Goián try to provide the necessary instruments for students who start  the study of an instrument, have the possibility of accessing it, without an economic outlay initial.

The School tries to collect instruments, through your instrument bank, and makes agreements with other centers, like Tui Music Conservatory, with which they can exchange in the form of a temporary loan the instruments, in relation to the supply and demand that each have.

Students stay with the instrument throughout all the training or until they decide to buy their own instrument.

Duration proposed

This initiative takes place throughout the school year.

Promoting Organisation

Agrupación Musical de Goián with Tui Music Conservatory.

Starting Year

The exchange of instruments within the band has been happening since its foundation, in 1994. In 2019, this exchange extended to the Tui Music Conservatory.

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