Organized by Galicia Fiddle, since 2012, it’s a one-week summer course for string instruments in traditional music, in Illa de San Simon, Pontevedra-Galicia.

It’s aimed at children and young people- between seven and eighteen years old, with violin and cello formation.

The course prupose is to promote the use of strings in traditional music, and to encourage students to have fun and improvise, regardless of their technical level.

Target Audience

Children and teenagers between seven and eighteen years, especially aimed at those students who have at least one year’s knowledge of the string instruments (violin and cello).


SAN SIMÓN FIDDLE (SSFC) is a music summer course of 8 days specially designed for children, where musical activities are combined with other fun and free time activities. The course is aimed at those students who have at least one year’s knowledge of the instrument. 

The musical activity is mainly aimed at promoting the use of string instruments within traditional music, in order to discover another way of relating to their instrument, which will allow them to enjoy making music regardless of their technical level.

To exploit to the maximum the capacity of improvisation of the participants is one of the main objectives pursued and that will make participants discover a new and fantastic musical world unknown to them until now.

In this summer course the music is transmitted orally, dispensing with sheet music and sharpening the children’s capacity for musical retention, who, in a few days on the island will be able to learn a melody in just a few minutes.

The free time activities (coordinated by specialized monitors) are complemented by the musical ones, being the learning more entertaining and enjoyable, joining two fundamental objectives: the musical and human formation of its members.

Skills to be improved

  • Musical retention;
  • Capacity of improvisation;
  • Creativity;
  • Teamwork;
  • Socialization.

Training Team

About classes, there is a group of eleven teachers specialised in string instruments, trained to give the course and the complementary activities. 

About the group which takes care of the children comprises the teachers of the different subjects taught, both musical and others, coaches, a nurse and a lifeguard.

Description and workplan

Four level groups are established: beginners, elementary, intermediate and advanced, with a combination of training and leisure activities.

Training Activities:

  • Instrument Classes
    • Fiddle (several levels);
    •  Violoncello;
    • Acoustic guitar;
    • Introduction to the fiddle (no previous knowledge).
  • Musical Activities for all participants:
    • Learning traditional songs;
    • Introduction to traditional percussion: tambourine, bones, seashells, etc;
    • Introduction to traditional dancing.
  • Evening Workshops:
    • Rock&Roll and electric violin workshop;
    • Alexander technique workshop;
    • World Music Improvisation workshop;
    • Practical Luthier workshop.


Leisure Time

  • Canoeing;
  • Boat trip around the ria;
  • Traditional games;
  • Sports;
  • Swimming and activities at the beach;
  • Concerts;
  • Fancy-dress ball and party;
  • Outdoor cinema;

Duration proposed

This camp lasts one week (8 days), combining training and leisure activities. During this week, all the students live here, on the island’s accommodation facilities.

Promoting Organization

GALICIA FIDDLE, a nonprofit cultural association, with the goal of encouraging the playing of string instruments in an alternative way.

Starting Year


Prizes / recognition received

Erasmus +: Part of the programme has received support from the European Commission through the ERASMUS + Programme, which has enabled that 25 young people from other countries could participate in the 2019 training with scholarships.

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