Band acceleration, management and entrepreneurship, Training Module


The module Band Acceleration, management and entrepreneurship provides a set of tools that can help emerging artists take their band or music project further. Such tools aim to allow music projects at an initial phase of development to launch themselves on the market and to produce and edit phonographic and videographic records, something that is often recognized as a general challenge and a holdback for early-stages. Residencies and training programs focused on sharing such expertise become a great help for young musicians who have the ambition to take their music skills to the next level but don’t know yet how to do it.


This module will help young musicians to be in contact with a more professional environment, triggering their creativity and sense of responsibility. The benefits of these practices can be summed up by the possibilities they bring to both participants and the host institutions that provide mentorship in order to fulfil the following practices:


  • Get in touch with music business and production related skills;
  • Participate in the production, edition and promotion of a phonographic or a videographic record of a band’s music theme;
  • Access tools and strategies that contribute to the band’s resilience;
  • Learn how to monitor and plan the band’s career in the long run;
  • Become a motivational reference in other related initiatives.

Developed skills

  • Business-related skills: entrepreneurship, strategy and project development
  • Musical-related skills: music production, musical events production, etc.
  • Creativity and innovation strategies
  • Communication and performance skills
  • Leadership, team building and team work.


This module is divided into three units. At the end of each unit you will find several materials to help you implement the training (namely support documents for trainers and worksheets for trainees). Find more at the training curricula section. 


Evaluation criteria

You can find specific evaluation criteria for each unit of this module. As a suggestion, if you wish to implement the whole module (including its 3 different units) and evaluate your students in the end, you can always check if evaluation outcomes of all units have been successfully achieved.

Related projects

Explore the following projects and try to get some inspiration from them for your own activities!


“We try to offer them the tools and a platform to turn their passion for music into a business that can help to sustain themselves and sustain their talent.”


Gonzalo Méndez, from Fundación Paideia

GO2WORK is a music entrepreneurship course created by Paideia Galiza Foundation and EOI – School of Industrial Organization, in 2019. Designed for emerging artists with early-stage musical projects. The goal is to accelerate their professionalization and successful entry in the music market.


“We believe that the best school experience is made on stage, performing to different kinds of audiences and, if possible, in a very professional environment.“


Nuno Alves, Artistic Director of School of Rock Paredes de Coura 

A Band Residency Program for rock bands in Paredes de Coura that runs in parallel with School of Rock Paredes de Coura. Each edition, the organization makes an open call to select 3 bands. During a week, the bands have access to a special rehearsal room, 2 days in a studio to record a single with the supervision of a professional music producer and present several live gigs to engage with the local community.


“Estamos creando una red de contactos, como alguien que crea una red de amigos.”


Marta Sánchez Curros, from Sol Music Network 

Sol Music Network is a project that helps artists to establish contact with an exclusive group of companies, festival programmers, booking agencies and media, helping with fundamental activities such as marketing, promotion, funding programs and networking in relevant artistic promotion events such as WOMEX – WORLDWIDE MUSIC EXPO.


“We created a platform for the professionalization of our youngsters, that led us to the foundation of our production company and record label to release all our projects, turning them into an opportunity for our students to learn in a professional education environment.” 


Violeta Mosquera, from Estudo Bonobo

Xeración Sónica is one of Estudo Bonobo social projects. Its aim is to monitorize musical projects at Local de Música in Pontevedra (Spain). In partnership with the Department of Culture, they help new generations of students from Estudo Bonobo organize their work, make special follow-ups and publish their productions, hence opening the first door to a more professional experience in music.


Arda Academy intends to equip its students with the fundamental concepts and, above all, essential practical skills to thrive in the music industry, acting over:

– composition.

– recording.

– audio post-production in studio context.

– development and implementation of curatorship and programming projects.

– event production.

– editing.